Frontier: What Does The Capture Of Grace Mean For Chesterfield And Declan Harp?

Will Declan Harp and Chesterfield be able to put aside their differences to save Grace? Frontier has a lot of questions heading into Season 3, but this is the one that’s got most fans going. Will the capture of Grace bring this unlikely pairing together?

Lord Benton, once exiled by Chesterfield and hated by Harp, knew capturing Grace would get both of their attention. He’s on his way to London, but that’s unless Harp and Chesterfield can get to him first.

Harp, at the end of the show, mentions war being the next step. If this is the case, expect Chesterfield to bring his big guns to the party. They’ll attack Benton in any way possible.

It’s just strange seeing Harp and Chesterfield working as a unit, that’s not something which will last long, especially seeing as Chesterfield was so reluctant to end the bounty on Harp.

We know Chesterfield doesn’t have feelings for Grace, but he knows how important she is to Fort James. Although, it would make sense if he did, seeing as he was so quick to run after Benton with Harp, who Chesterfield was just about to kill. After the events of Season 2 on Frontier, I’m surprised Chesterfield cares about Grace at all.

We now know the romantic interests between Harp and Grace. She’s been fighting for him the entire 2nd season, and even got the bounty lifted. There is much interest on the end of Harp to save Grace, as he truly cares for her. Harp might seem like a thought and intimidating figure, but he’s quite caring and loving.

If war is the answer, then expect Chesterfield and Harp to come at Benton and show no mercy. Although, Benton always has a plan, and usually seems to be one step ahead of everyone. It’s going to take a big army to save Grace. Chesterfield and Harp need to be on the same page.

It’s going to be an interesting Season 3 of Frontier.


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