WWE: In The Wake Of The Paige Injury, What’s Next For Her And Absolution?

It’s real shame that Paige might never wrestle in the WWE (or anywhere) again. She’s so young, a retirement shouldn’t have happened this early in her career. We can make all the jokes we want about the leaked videos and pics, but behind it all, she was a good wrestler. It’s a bummer she won’t be able to do that again.

So, what’s next for Paige? There’s always the idea of her being a trainer at NXT or take on some other role behind the scenes, but a manager spot should be in her future. This is especially true when it comes to Absolution.

Paige, the leader of Absolution, will no longer be able to wrestle for the group. However, as a manager, she can still be the leader. Paige has always been a pretty good talker and is light years ahead of Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose on the mic. Why wouldn’t her as the group’s talking piece work out?

It’s possible we see a new member of Absolution, seeing as Paige can’t wrestle. The only cog in that plan is who do they add? NXT has a lot of women on the roster, but none appear ready for the big Main Roster role yet. Could Candace LaRae be the third member of Absolution? That’s a distinct possibility.

What about adding another member of the current RAW women’s scene to the group? Wouldn’t it be an out of left field move if Bayley turned and joined? What about Sasha finally getting her heel turn? Any number of scenarios are possible.

Still, I’d expect the group to stay as Rose, Deville, and Paige. Despite her inability to wrestle, Paige can get the group over. Rose and Deville can be quite the formidable duo as well. The destruction they’ve caused on RAW won’t be void because Paige isn’t there to wrestle. Absolution can still be dominant without her wrestling.

Yes, it’s a real shame Paige can’t wrestle again. This doesn’t mean she’s gone from the world of wrestling. There are many roles for her to take on. Her being the leader of Absolution still applies. Let’s see what WWE does with her in the future, but she should still be a major part of WWE.


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