Tennessee Titans: Three Things to Watch against the New England Patriots

The Tennessee Titans are coming off an excellent comeback in the Wild Card Round. They travel to the frigid northeast and take on the New England Patriots Saturday Night. The Titans can go in and play as free as they want. Why? Reason being is that they have nothing to lose. Hence, all the pressure is on the Patriots in this game. So keep your eye on these three things as the Titans attempt to upset the Patriots.

  1. Pass Rush

The pass rush of the Tennessee Titans will need to be on point Saturday Night. It is a given that if you are able to get garbage at the feet of Tom Brady, he is not the same QB. This absolutely needs to be in the mind of DC Dick LeBeau. He has seen this chapter all too many times in Pittsburgh. Nonetheless, it may just be time to write a new chapter as a member of the Titans.

  1. Derrick Henry

Henry has been anointed as the bell cow of the Tennessee Titans. He has proven his worth over the final few weeks. For instance, last week against the Kansas City Chiefs, with the game on the line Henry sealed the deal with a huge 20-yard run. He was aided by his blocking QB Marcus Mariota on the run. However, the speed and power that Henry possesses can help lead the Titans to an upset by being able to kill the clock and maintain time of possession.

  1. Marcus Mariota

Mariota grew up a bit for the Tennessee Titans last week. The team knew, down 21-3, at the start of the second half they were going to lean on the third year QB. He delivered and in a big way. His first playoff TD pass was also his first playoff TD reception. Then, as I stated above, he threw a tremendous block that aided RB Derrick Henry on the final run of the game. Consequently, they may need that effort again on Saturday to advance to the AFC Championship Game.

As has been noted, the Tennessee Titans have nothing to lose. Thus, they should come in as loose as possible and play that way too. In turn, putting all the pressure back on the Patriots. If so, there is a strong possibility of a divisional round upset Saturday.

Do you think the Tennessee Titans have a chance on Saturday? Leave a comment below.

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