Fuller House: Is Danny Living With The Fuller Clan A Bad Idea?

How will Danny do as a member of the Fuller household? We know from the Season 3 Fuller House cliffhanger that he’s going to move in with DJ and the gang, but how will that play out? Is it going to be smooth sailing for everyone in the house?

After losing his job, Danny now finds himself without a means of income. He comes up with the crazy idea to live in his former house. This has bad idea written all over it. He’s such a clean freak and a tad obsessive that nobody in the house will want him there. Of course, according to DJ, he’s always welcome to visit, but living there is a whole different story.

One of the main issues in Danny living at the Fuller House is where he’ll actually live. There are no rooms available at that house. Does he expect to live on the couch? Because that’s the only spot open to him at the moment. Ramona could go live with her father next door, but she seems to be quite content with her living situation now.

Surely, Danny will think this through a bit more before actually moving in. It’s possible that was just a quick reaction and he wasn’t going to actually move in with the Fuller clan. Although, who knows with Danny Tanner. We’ve seen him do some crazy things over the years. Living with his old family, in his old house, wouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

It would be quite interesting to start Season 4 with Danny in the house. While I think this was just a comedic moment by the creators, it does serve as quite the cliffhanger. If anything, this means we’ll get to see more of Bob Saget on Fuller House. That’s always a good thing as his character usually makes you laugh the most.

Should Danny actually move in?

It’s probably for the best that he doesn’t. Still, if he does, it will create a very interesting dynamic at the house. He’s got enough money (hopefully) put away to find a house in the San Francisco area without staying with DJ. That’s probably best for both parties. But, if it does happen, Season 4 of Fuller House will be a lot more interesting.


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