Dorney Park: With The Removal Of Stinger, Is There A New Coaster In The Works?

What does the future hold for Dorney Park? After the removal of Stinger, the theme park world has been buzzing with the thought of a potential new coaster at the park. It’s a very valid thought as Dorney is due for something new. If it is indeed a new coaster, what would it be?

We know Dorney has the room with the removal of Stinger and Dinosaurs Alive. Don’t expect anything massive, as the park isn’t going to receive something too big. Cedar Fair likes to keep most of its money at the bigger parks. Still, there’s a big opportunity for Dorney to receive a much-needed new coaster.

Aside from Stinger, Dorney hasn’t received a new coaster since Possessed in 2008. That was an Intamin Impulse coaster and was relocated from the now defunct Geauga Lake. The last time Dorney Park got anything brand new was 2005 with Hydra the Revenge. It’s about time they get a new coaster.

An RMC Raptor makes sense, as its small footprint would make it easy to install in the park. We know we aren’t getting a giga, or an RMC conversion of Thunderhawk (It was built-in 1924), so a Raptor might be the most logical option. They just need something different, new and original.

Dorney Park Needs A New Attractive Coaster

What if Cedar Fair does decide to put extra money into Dorney? Could they get something even bigger? A possible new hybrid coaster from RMC, a B&M invert, an Intamin Blitz coaster, all possible options for Dorney Park. It’s possible any of these could happen. Although, it’s highly unlikely.

Fans of Dorney Park are dedicated. They deserve something big. It’s unfair that all they get are hand me down rides. It’s time we see a fresh new coaster go into Dorney. Cedar Fair needs to spread the love to more of its parks. It’s no wonder why Dorney doesn’t get the attendance of others, it doesn’t have that destination coaster.

The 2019 Season should be big for Dorney Park. If they are indeed getting a new coaster, it would be a great addition. Hopefully, Cedar Fair decides to invest some money to this park.


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