Atlanta Falcons: Three Things to Watch against the Philadelphia Eagles

The Atlanta Falcons head into Philadelphia on Saturday as the favorite against the number 1 seed Philadelphia Eagles. It is the first time in history that a number one seed in an underdog. However, I would not necessarily give the game to the Falcons. They will still need to play a top-notch game to come out on top. Thus, here 3 keys to keep your eye on.

  1. Matt Ryan

The temperature is supposed to be cold and there should be some wetness in the air. Therefore, it will be key for Matt Ryan to be able to perform in the elements. The passing game of the Falcons is still top 10 in the league. Nonetheless, it is going to be important for them to move the ball through the air. This will help open up the ground game.

  1. Running Game

The Philadelphia Eagles were the best team in the regular season against the run. This is why the above key is so important. Unless the weather is balmy and dry, the Atlanta Falcons are going to need to run the football. Therefore, they are going to have to be creative against the best run defense in the NFL. However, if they unsuccessful, the afternoon could be long and dreary.

  1. Pass Rush

The pass rush of the Atlanta Falcons will be extremely important to the success of the team on Saturday. While Nick Foles is mobile, he is not exactly Carson Wentz. Thus making him more of a sitting duck. As a result, the Falcons rush should be able to get some hits on him. Once Foles feels some pressure, he ends up folding like an origami craft.

The Atlanta Falcons catch the Philadelphia Eagles at the right time. The Eagles will feel the injury to Carson Wentz on Saturday. As a result, the Falcons should advance.

How do you think the Atlanta Falcons will play on Saturday? Leave a comment below.

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