This Is Us: A Season of Disappointment

One of the most talked about new shows last season was NBC’s This Is Us. The newest family drama hit all the right buttons last season pulling viewers in with their unique brand of story telling. The dual timeline device they’ve used to show both loving parents and life lessons and how it reflects the family as adults has captivated and warmed hearts.


However all good things apparently must come to an end. Season 2 hasn’t been the feel good come-together story that season 1 was and it’s been a little disappointing to say the least. One of the strongest plot points for the show was how much the Pearsons have been there for each other when things got too tough. This season that all seems long gone.

Each sibling is struggling in their own right and all seem to be in a downward spiral with no one taking charge and being the backbone. So what changed in a season? How did we go from “the chips are down but as long as we’ve got each other we’ll be okay” to “the sky is falling, there’s no hope in sight, no one can fix this”?

Season 1 of This Is Us, the Pearson children were direct reflections of their parents in their own way. No matter how much Jack and Rebecca struggled, when one was down the other would step up and vise versa and that’s the role their children would echo. Are the writers making the right decision to have all three of the Pearson children struggling at the same time? The show went from a feel good story that brought families closer together to a rollercoaster of chaos.

Yes, true to life sometimes struggles can occur at the same time. However, it’s hard to believe with a family so loving and compensating for each other’s struggles that no one in the immediate family or extended family has found a way to right the ship. It’s harder to believe that all three would spiral out of control all at the same time. Season 1 pulled viewers in with tears of joy, but season 2 seems to be way too tragic and needs to turn around quick or risk losing loyal viewers. Anticipation for how Jack Pearson dies will only bring them back for so long. Writers will have to find the balance come the end of this season or it will be a short-lived show.[RickTwitter]


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