Cedar Point: Could A Launched Flying Coaster Be In The Works For 2020?

Cedar Point is going for something big for 2020. We know all about Steel Vengeance, but what comes after? The park wants to celebrate its 150th in style, and what better way to do that when with a new coaster? And despite f rumors, how about a flying coaster.

Now this won’t be just any flying coaster, it will be a launched flying coaster. Similar to that of A.I.R. at Phantasialand, Cedar Point will up the ante and make theirs record-breaking. And it’s likely they get B&M to make the new coaster, seeing as the manufacture has close ties to Ohio.

There are many different coaster ideas for Cedar Point to explore. You’ve got a possible polercoaster (500 ft.), a Euro-Fighter, or a GCI woodie. Still, a B&M flyer is the choice. Cedar Fair has yet to produce a flying coaster at any of its parks. The Vekoma flying Dutchman models have all come from previous park ownership.

What better way to bring a new coaster to Cedar Fair than by adding it to their flagship park. And not only does Cedar Point get the first flying coaster in the chain, as of now, it would be the first launched flying coaster in the USA. Of course the question is, “where do they build it.”

With all the new land Cedar Point has purchased, expect a lot of the storage sheds and maintenance to be moved off property. There’s also a lot of room where the park recently removed Sandcastle Suites. CP might seem like a landlocked park, but somehow they always find a way to build, and they’ll be able to fit this coaster in somehow.

A launched flying coaster might be the best thing Cedar Point can construct. Despite Vekoma laying claim to the first, B&M would love to get their hands on this and make it better. They’ve created some innovative rides, and have a great relationship with Cedar Fair. It’s a win for both parties.

Of course, the real winner are the guests of Cedar Point. They’d be getting a really top-notch coaster. There are so many options Cedar Point has for its 150th, but a launched flying coaster would be a great addition to one of the world’s best parks.

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