WWE: Happy 25th Birthday to Monday Night Raw

Back on January 11, 1993; the WWF, now called WWE, took over the Manhattan Center in New York City. This was the first ever episode of Monday Night RAW. It is worth noting that this is the first time in the history of the WWF that they would actually go live with a show. Any show that was done previous to this would be taped. The show would end up opening up with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan trying to get in. However, he was stopped by Sean Mooney. He is told that the venue is sold out, but he still finds a way to get in.


Some superstars that would be in action for that historical night would include Yokozuna beating Koko B. Ware in a short match, Shawn Michaels would keep the Intercontinental title over Max Moon, and the Undertaker would defeat Damien Demento. I can assure that no one figure that RAW would be where it was today. This started at the Manhattan Center and is now selling out top arenas.

25 years later have times changed. We have seen tons of new stars appear on RAW since 1993 and even announcers have changed. This would also be the show that would end up being host to many remarkable events. For example, it was on RAW in February of 2016 when Daniel Bryan announced his retirement. RAW was also the home to when Edge and other WWE Hall of Famers retired. Another major event that occurred on RAW was the night when Dolph Ziggler would cash his Money in the Bank briefcase on Alberto Del Rio. The crowd was so loud that fans still talk about it today as one of the biggest moments in the history Monday Night Raw.

In two weeks, the WWE will be celebrating the anniversary. The WWE will hold the regular show at the Barclays Center. The other part of the show at the Manhattan Center. As we saw on RAW this past week, the 25th-Anniversary show is when the Miz will be getting his rematch for the Intercontinental Title. There will also be a ton of people making appearances who have impacted RAW over the twenty-five years. We will also see the return of the APA, New Age Outlaws, and D Generation X. Razor Ramon, The Million Dollar Man, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the Undertaker are just some of the names who are coming back.

Let us know in the comments to what your favorite memory of RAW is.



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