Walt Disney World: Replacing The Imagination Pavilion With Inside Out Is Best For Business

Epcot at Walt Disney World will be undergoing a series of changes in the next 5 years. It’s possible we see the closure of the Imagination Pavilion. What could be taking the place of this iconic area of the park? How about themeing it to one of Disney Pixar’s most popular films, Inside Out?

Many old school Walt Disney World fans remember Figment, The Dreamfinder, Captain EO, and Honey I Shrunk The Audience. All were classic characters and attractions at the Imagination Pavilion. But times are changing. With the popularity of Epcot, and it’s attempts to move more into the future, the chance to remodel the classic area is here.

Inside Out is the perfect choice to take over the Imagination Pavilion. In fact, the film is widely regarded as one of the best Pixar films of all-time. In brief, it details the workings of the human mind and emotions.

Replacing Journey into Imagination would be very easy. Inside Out, given its popularity, could replace the attraction. A dark ride or interactive area would be a nice way to remodel the somewhat dated rides and attractions inside the Imagination Pavilion. It would also serve as a great learning experience for younger guests.

Inside Out is all about expressing your emotions. What better way to do that than by having characters from the film, or themeing, enthrall us into the world of Inside Out. Children, teens, and adults would become immersed in the area, whether it be a dark ride or walk through. Thus, they might even learn something about themselves in the process.

Imagination Pavilion is all about exploration of the mind. Furthermore. giving an Inside Out overlay would catch a young child or preteens’ interest enough that they may gain some valuable knowledge. Certainly, understanding your emotions is the key. Using a current film such as Inside Out is a much more effective tool to capture a child’s interest than an outdated Figment.

Inside Out was a big hit at theaters. A themed experience at the Imagination Pavilion would see the same success. Walt Disney World is starting to use a lot more IP’s in the park. This is the perfect opportunity to use one more.



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