Girlboss: It’s A Damn Shame Netflix Axed The Show After One Season

It’s a real shame we won’t get Season 2 of Girlboss. It was one of the better shows on Netflix. Nonetheless, they will not renew the show. The possibilities for future episodes would have been endless. And while it was based on true events, there’s plenty more story to be told.

For starters, what kind of success does Nasty Gal have after the launch of the site? We know the vintage clothing store does indeed gain a huge following, but it would have been nice to see the hard work that went into getting there. Are there issues like the vintage clothing police who look to shut down Sophia once again?

What role does Shane play? After the assumed breakup of Sophia and Shane, does he try to win her back? The two never really called it quits, we’re just led to believe they ended things. Is his involvement a hindrance to Sophia and the success of Nasty Gal?

Can Annie and Sophia manage to keep business separate from friendship? We saw some of this in Season 1, but it could have been a bigger complication in Season 2. The two would clash over ideas and ways to run the business. A great idea for a subplot in the second season.

Wouldn’t it have been nice to flesh out the Girlboss series a bit more? There are so many other storylines the show could have. Netflix didn’t feel like the show was worth the investment based on ratings and views, but wasn’t it at least worth a second season?

It’s rare Netflix pulls a show after one season. This is why it’s such a surprise Girlboss got the ax. Perhaps there wasn’t enough material to make a second or even third season, but Netflix usually finds the inspiration from its show writers to at least warrant an extra set of episodes. There’s really no excuse as to why Girlboss isn’t getting renewed.

I for one am sad by the removal of Girlboss. The show was a fresh comedy that showed the power of a woman who decides to start her own business. That’s something the world needs right now. It was different from the norm and offered an alternative to the other shows on Netflix.

It’s unlikely Netflix brings back Girlboss. They usually don’t renew a show after they’ve been canned. At least we have the first season to watch and cherish. However, it just sucks we’ll get no more new episodes.



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