WWE 205 Live: TJP As A Heel Is Absolute Money

TJP could be the top heel on WWE 205 Live. Yes, he’s not as charismatic as Enzo, but wrestling wise it’s no contest. Sure, he might not be able to talk as well as some of the other 205 stars, but that doesn’t mean he can’t hold his own. There’s a big opportunity for him to become the best 205 bad guy.

TJP is no stranger to 205 Live gold. The first ever WWE Cruiserweight Champ, the winner of the Cruiserweight Classic, he’s the most decorated Cruiserweight on the roster. That’s saying something, as there are some pretty impressive stars on 205 Live.

We don’t really pay enough attention to TJP. He’s a great wrestler. Sure, his signature dabbing might be a tad much, but that shouldn’t be a reason to not care about him. As a face, TJP wasn’t very good at capturing the crowd. Although, as a heel, he’s the perfect solution.

There seems to be a lot more heel in TJP than face. After a loss to Gran Metalik on 205 Live, TJP snapped. He blamed everyone from the announcing team to the fans. And after throwing the announce table, chairs, ring steps, TJP finally looks like he’s in his element.

Sometimes face turns don’t work out for wrestlers. In this instance, that’s true for TJP. He’s a true heel wrestler. We saw during his feud with Rich Swann and now this recent turn, that he’ll play the role of “I’m better than you are.” And if he doesn’t get his way, there will be a fit. It’s similar to Chris Jericho’s first heel turn in WCW.

Of course, nobody is comparing TJP to Jericho, but it’s the same type of act. He’s a deserving champion and should get another shot at the belt at some point. Whether or not this heel gimmick lasts isn’t known, but it sure makes him a lot more noticeable on 205 Live.

It’s okay to hate TJP. That’s what WWE wants you to do. Although, he’s really doing some of his best work as a heel. You’ve got to take notice of that and respect him for changing his act from a face. Quite frankly I hope they never turn him back.



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