Knott’s Berry Farm: Voyage To The Iron Reef Isn’t Perfection, But It’s Still A Great Family Attraction

Knott’s Berry Farm might be the best Cedar Fair park in America. From its immense themeing to the detailed rides, there’s not much to hate about it. Voyage to the Iron Reef is one of the better rides/attractions at Knott’s Berry Farm. And it’s fun for the entire family.

Most interactive dark rides are the same. You shoot at a target, earn points, beat your friends. It’s a pretty simple concept. Voyage to the Iron Reef is no different. Like many rides before it, the attraction uses screens and 3D glasses to simulate the underwater effect. And while some may see this approach as lazy, I found it to be quite enjoyable.

Compared to Guardians of Wonder Mountain at Canada’s Wonderland, a Cedar Fair owned park, Voyage to the Iron Reef is a lot more immersive. Both use the screen technology on the ride. Personally, I felt Voyage did it a lot better. At certain points, you felt as if you were in the ocean. That’s something I didn’t get from Wonder Mountain.

The themeing on Voyage to the Iron Reef left something to be desired. Unlike the Six Flags staple, Battle for Metropolis, this lacked very little in terms of set pieces or animatronics. The only real set design you get are the walls which look like a submarine interior. It’s puzzling as to why Cedar Fair and Knott’s Berry Farm went this route, as I thought some extra themeing could have been useful.

The only other real issue I had with the attraction was the story. To be quite honest I’m not too sure of what it’s about. You’re attacked by robotic sea creatures that thrive off the steel of coasters. At some point in the ride, you’re introduced to Medusa. Not exactly sure how that plays into everything, but an interesting story to say the least.

It might seem like I hated the ride based on my gripes with it. That’s totally not the case since I really did enjoy this. Additionally, I’m a huge fan of interactive dark rides. Although I’ll say this much, Voyage to the Iron Reef isn’t as good as Battle for Metropolis at Six Flags. There’s just not enough themeing and effects.

The screen-based dark ride might seem a bit overused ( Here’s looking at you, Universal) but on these interactive attractions, it’s quite fun. Thus, this isn’t a perfect ride by any means. But as a fun alternative to coasters, it suits Knott’s Berry Farm quite well. So, I’d give it a try if you’re at the park. However, just don’t go looking for perfection.



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