Houston Astros: Acquiring Gerrit Cole could create a world of problems

The Houston Astros are in need of a starting pitcher, but trading for Pittsburgh Pirates starter Gerrit Cole would be a mistake.

Not only has Cole been mediocre over the past two seasons, but in two years he’ll be due a big contract. I know Houston is trying to add to their dominate ball club, but there are a couple of smart options to consider.

The Astros could bring in a combination of Lance Lynn, J.A. Happ or Chris Tillman, which would probably equal the same amount as a Jake Arrieta contract.

The Stros could add a bunch of bullpen arms such as Joaquin Benoit, Addison Reed, Steve Cishek and Tony Watson. One the Houston Astros biggest problems was that their pen struggled to get outs at different times in the playoffs. If they can add to their pen then they’ll be ready to withstand scary offenses come playoff time.

By acquiring Gerrit Cole you’re getting a player that surrendered 31 homers in 2017. Cole hasn’t been very successful in his limited playoff experience, either. His last playoff appearance was in 2015 versus the Cubs. Cole gave up four runs in five innings with only four strikeouts.

As previously mentioned, Cole has struggled to be consistent over the past two seasons. He posted a 4.26 ERA in 2017 and a 3.88 ERA in 2016. These down years came after he was a 19-game winner and a 2.60 ERA. Cole even had one of the best pitching coaches in baseball to help him improve. However, Ray Searage wasn’t enough to get Cole on the right track.

It would be wrong to expect Cole to walk into Houston and be lights out. He hasn’t been apart of the American League before. He’ll be in more big games since it looks as though Houston will make it to the playoffs once again in 2018.

Unless the Houston Astros plan on trading Cole before he is set to receive a huge contract, I think making a move to acquire Cole could end up being a colossal mistake.


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