Glow: Liberty Belle Is Now The Hunter Rather Than The Hunted

Glow was supposed the be the reign of Liberty Belle (Debbie). That didn’t stop Sam from pulling a fast one and changing the plans. After the epic final match, Welfare Queen (Tamme) ended up as Champion. This sets up well for Season 2, as Liberty Belle will have to fight her way to the top.

It was to be assumed that the champion after the Pilot episode of Glow would be Liberty Belle. At least that was the plan until Sam changed the game at the last-minute. Call it payback for Debbie quitting the show, only to return last-minute. Still, it’s now Welfare Queen that’s the top of the pack.

In a typical wrestling move, the face will now have to fight her way to the top. At first, Debbie was supposed to win the title. Sam, being the storyteller he is, decided it would be more enthralling for his face to be the hunter instead of the hunted. That’s sometimes true in wrestling, as the heels sometimes need to be on top of the mountain.

It was a puzzling decision by Sam to take the belt from Liberty Belle. You thought for the whole season that she’d be the one to carry the women of Glow, and then Welfare Queen becomes champ. If anyone were to be champ other than Liberty Belle, it should have been her rival, Zoya the Destroya (Ruth).

What does this mean as we head into Season 2?

Well, Liberty Belle still might be the face of Glow, but she’s not the champ. It wouldn’t be surprising if this gets into the head of Welfare Queen and she becomes the biggest diva on the set. Meanwhile, Debbie, still trying to juggle her son and broken relationship with her ex-husband, will need to try to gain back Sam’s trust to win the belt.

At some point, you can expect Liberty Bell to win back her title that Tamme took from her. There will be other challengers, but she’s the number 1 contender. Zoya the Destroya will also loom high above the head of Liberty Belle, as the two are bitter rivals. It’s possible the season could be setting up for a triple threat match.

Season 2 of Glow will heavily focus on Liberty Belle winning the title back from Welfare Queen. It’s always fun to see the face chase the heel, and Sam knew that would mean more ratings. It’s a smart business decision, and will only make Glow that much better.



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