Ring of Honor: The Era Of Punishment Martinez Is Upon Us

Punishment Martinez is the next big star in Ring of Honor. This is why it’s somewhat surprising he didn’t win the TV title at Final Battle. But after this week’s ROH taping, it’s clear they are setting him up for something bigger.

Martinez was the 2017 Survival of the Fittest winner. This means he’s entitled to an ROH Title shot in the future. After his attack on Dalton Castle at the ROH show in Philadelphia, it’s looking like Ring of Honor is ready to start his main event push.

We know Castle won’t lose the Title anytime soon, so it’s almost a guaranteed loss for Martinez if he faces off against him now. Still, this could be a test for the 6’7″ monster. How does he fare in the main event scene? Can Ring of Honor count on him to be the face of the company?

A former semi-finalist of the Ring of Honor Top Prospect Tournament, Martinez is a very accomplished wrestler. In addition to the Survival of the Fittest win, he’s also a Keystone Pro Wrestling tag champ and Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champ (3x) and Tag Champ (2x). Of course, these promotions are far from the likes of ROH, he’s still got some experience under his belt.

There have also been a few appearances in New Japan for Martinez. He’s teamed up with Los Ingobernables and has faced Hirooki Goto for the Never Openweight Championship. Thus, Punishment Martinez has wrestled all across the globe, but ROH is still home.

It goes without saying that ROH views Punishment Martinez as one of its biggest stars. So, while we might not see that yet, he’s a lock to be a future ROH Champ. The size, wrestling ability, and look just scream dominance. That’s exactly the kind of wrestler Ring of Honor should be looking for.

They better not lose sight of what they have, because WWE will no doubt want Punishment in the next few years. It’s up to ROH to keep Martinez in the main event scene. He’s going to be the face of the promotion at some point. If that’s the case no other wrestling company has a chance at him.

Ring of Honor has a star with Punishment Martinez. And they know this. Therefore, it is time they start testing the waters of a possible top guy run.



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