NXT: How Will The Tag Divsion Play Out?

It appears the NXT Tag Team Division has gained new life. There was a time in 2016 that many thought it had reached its lowest point ever. However, with recent developmental call-ups and signings, the tag scene is as hot as its ever been.

Everyone is gunning for Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish) and their tag belts. Both have dominated NXT since their debut. It didn’t take the pair long to capture gold. It’s rightfully deserved too. Fish and O’Reilly are great workers. You can expect them to have a long title reign.

On the other hand, UE (Undisputed Era) will have their fair share of challengers. Sanity is looking to capture the tag titles they lost, Authors of Pain want to reestablish themselves as the Alpha Dog Tag Team In NXT, and who knows what War Machine will bring to the table. All of these teams will play a factor in the run of Fish and O’Reilly.

Seeing all the aforementioned pairs is only a good thing for NXT. There’s so much talent in the tag division right now. Whether it be Sanity, AOP, War Machine, or mid-card team’s like Sabbotelli and Moss, Street Profits, TM-61, or Heavy Machinery, the tag scene is bumping. Fish and O’Reilly will have no shortage of possible opponents.

How should Undisputed Era be booked as tag champs? They’ve entered themselves in a pretty immersive feud with Sanity for the belts. Once that ends ( Possibly at Takeover Philadelphia), they are probably going to jump right into a program with AOP. Although, the monkey wrench in this is War Machine.

Triple H will probably look to get War Machine into the tag title picture quite quickly. The easy way is to just give them a shot at O’Reilly and Fish upon their debut. This still leaves Sanity and AOP. It’s a safe bet to assume we’ll see a Fatal Four Way tag title match at Takeover New Orleans.
This could be the last match for AOP and Sanity on NXT. If that’s true, expect War Machine and O’Reilly and Fish to feud for the belts after WrestleMania.

In addition, expect more of the mid-card tag teams to start rising to the top. With Street Profits getting a nice pop from the crowd, Sabbotelli and Moss becoming great heels, Heavy Machinery slowly developing their in-ring work, and the returning TM-61, there are a number of teams ready to take over the tag spotlight from AOP and Sanity.

As it looks now, UE will be the champs until after Mania. Thus expect War Machine to be the team that beats them. A lengthy feud between the two will likely occur. In the process, be aware of the other tag teams making their mark on NXT. In a few months, some of these mid-card teams could be main evening Takeover.



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