Los Angeles Lakers: Listen To Kyle Kuzma, Not LaVar Ball

The moment the Los Angeles Lakers drafted Lonzo Ball second overall in the 2017 NBA Draft, LaVar Ball became their problem. For those of you who do not know (I’m gonna guess that’s a very small number), LaVar is the loudmouth father of Lonzo, who tries to put himself in the spotlight more than his son. A few days back, the elder Ball called out Lakers’ coach Luke Walton, claiming the team doesn’t want to play for him. But then an actual member of the Lakers’ organization spoke out, rookie Kyle Kuzma.

Now before I continue, let me just make something clear. I am not a huge follower of the NBA. I have no clue what the Lakers’ record is, nor do I know how well Lonzo or Kuzma have been this season. What I do know is Kuzma was drafted 27th overall this past NBA Draft out of the University of Utah.

My point here being, I am not here to say whether or not Luke Walton is doing a good job coaching the Lakers. I am also not here to say anything about the quality of the team Los Angeles is putting out on the court. Instead, I am here to explain why I respect what Kuzma has to say and to tell LaVar to shut his mouth.

For those who did not read the article, ESPN put out a piece with a ton of quotes from the Laker rookie, which you can read here.

Even as a rookie, Kuzma says all the right things. He puts the Lakers’ struggles on both the players and the coaches. In direct retaliation to what LaVar says, which the rookie from Utah calls “upsetting”, he makes mention of how it’s the players out on the court missing shots and making errors. Those are things you cannot just dump on the coach, which is true.

He follows that up with, “We as a team have to be more accountable”. Well said Kyle, well said.

He goes on to say there is “a lot of white noise”, which sounds like a nice subtle shot at the big mouth Ball. Kyle then states how he loves playing for Luke and how the team is behind him.

LaVar Ball Is A Major Distraction For The Lakers

Now, could there be a player or two in the locker room who are not fans of their coach? Sure, it’s possible. But even if that were true, we know at least someone in the locker room stands with the coach. And I would venture to guess the rookie is not alone.

Kuzma is a man who is in that clubhouse and with this team day in and day out. Meanwhile, LaVar is making a spectacle of himself as he shuffles his other two sons off to Lithuania. Why? Because he always has to be the center of attention.

Kuzma sums things up perfectly with the very last quote in the ESPN article, in which he states “… the people that really matter are the people in the Lakers organization”. People like Kuzma. Like Lonzo. Like Julius Randle. But not people like LaVar Ball.

So I would like to applaud Mr. Kuzma. In an era that has been taken over by social media, which allows idiots like LaVar Ball to take the spotlight for running their mouths, it’s refreshing to see a rookie answer back in an extremely professional way.

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