Kentucky Kingdom: It’s About Time To Add A Hyper-Coaster

It’s time for Kentucky Kingdom to get something big. Storm Chaser, the parks signature ride, seemed to be only one piece I of the puzzle. As KK gets even more guests through its gates, the demand for new coasters will increase. What better way to do that than by adding a hyper-coaster?

Kentucky Kingdom has skyrocketed over the last 5 years. During the 2016 season, the park attendance grew 60 percent from the closing year of 2009. 2017 saw an average of 9,000 guests per day. The once Six Flags owned park has made an incredible transformation under President and CEO, Ed Hart.

With Lighting Run, Thunder Run, Storm Chaser, and T3, KK has a collection of coasters that aren’t going to disappoint. A hyper-coaster would fit right in at the park. It would be the perfect complement to its other attractions. This would make Kentucky Kingdom a destination park for many coaster fans across the world.

A hyper-coaster is the way to go. Of course, given the size of that coaster, and the room Kentucky Kingdom has at their park, there’s also the possibility of something a bit smaller.

What about an Intamin Blitz coaster like Taron at Phantasiland in Germany? Or a Mack Launch coaster like Helix at Leisberg? These would be unlike most coasters in America, giving KK a real advantage.

With parks around Kentucky Kingdom getting bigger (Kings Island, Holiday World, Cedar Point, Dollywood, Carowinds), the time to strike is now. All of the aforementioned parks are within a 7-hour drive, and KK could lose out on business if they don’t expand soon. That’s not something that can occur if this is to be the top park in the region.

Kentucky Kingdom is a fantastic park. With the attendance increasing every year, they need to add something big to their arsenal. We know that a coaster isn’t too far off in the future. As KK looks to reach 1 million visitors, a hyper-coaster will assuredly bring them the masses.

If anything is to be built at Kentucky Kingdom it won’t be until 2019 or 2020. Until then, the park will continue its steady climb up the theme park food chain. Ed Hart has turned KK around. It appears he’ll do whatever it takes to make it the premier park in America.



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