WWE: Let’s Get The Iconic Duo On The Main Roster

Can we please get the Iconic Duo on the WWE main roster? It’s been too long for Peyton Royce and Billie Kay on NXT. They deserve a chance on RAW or Smackdown. We’ve gotten Riott Squad and Absolution, but the fans want the Iconic Duo.

It seems like Royce and Kay have been on NXT since its beginning. While that’s a bit of a stretch, the two have done their part on the show. Royce has fought for the NXT women’s title on numerous occasions and Kay has been right by her side the whole time. What else is there for them to do on NXT?

The idea that wrestlers such as Mandy Rose or Liv Morgan were more qualified to join the main roster is a complete disgrace to the amazing iconic duo. The pair is the best women’s act going in all of WWE. It’s a real shame that nobody has seen this. It’s possible we get a post-Mania call-up, or possibly a Women’s Royal Rumble debut, but that still doesn’t make up for them sitting in NXT so long.

The Iconic Duo had some fantastic matches and vignettes. The bullying nature of the two really can draw a lot of heat. Think of them as a new version of LeCool. Both have held their own with the likes of Asuka, Ember Moon, and recent main roster call-up, Ruby Riott.

Why hasn’t WWE called up the Iconic Duo to the main roster? It’s possible they see something bigger for them in the future. The recent call-ups of the women for Absolution and Riott Squad have been good for the women’s division. Perhaps it’s just about timing.

It’s possible Triple H and Vince are testing the waters for an Iconic Duo takeover of either RAW or Smackdown. We know both Royce and Kay will be over upon their debut, so it’s best to make it the right moment. Let the new faces from NXT make a mark before giving fans the Iconic Duo.

Still, why Bille Kay and Peyton Royce weren’t chosen to join RAW or Smackdown before the other 5 women is beyond me. You could have easily just teamed them with Paige, or Mandy Rose, or Liv Morgan, and formed the Iconic Trio. It just doesn’t make much sense that they were left out of the call-ups.

We will probably see the Iconic Duo at some point after WrestleMania. Although a Royal Rumble entry isn’t out of the question either. They deserve to be at the top of the women’s division in WWE. It’s time for their NXT days to be over.



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