World Wrestling Network: ACW Is Another Reason To Love Independent Wrestling

So often the WWE garners most of the conversation in the wrestling world, and rightfully so. People are always talking about the biggest names. However, I argue that the lifeblood of wrestling is the Independent Circuit, or Scene, a term used for promotions that allow wrestlers to come in and work on their time, not the promoter’s time. These wrestlers are independent contractors. There are hundreds of these promotions across America and I recently had the opportunity to visit American Combat Wrestling (ACW). This is a promotion housed under the Worldwide Wrestling Network and takes place in Port Richey, Fla. at the Gulf View Event Center. Port Richey is about an hour north of Tampa, Fla.

One of the great joys of my job is the opportunity to watch a group of wrestlers learn their craft and try to reach the next level of their career. There are two components to a wonderful live wrestling event, the wrestlers, and the atmosphere. The second component is a combination of crowd and venue. Some questions I often ask myself are: How big is the crowd? Where is the crowd positioned to the ring? What is the size of the venue? Lastly, what are some traits the venue has? ACW checks all the boxes which deliver an enjoyable live event.


The second component is really what has drawn me to this promotion. The venue is small and tightly packed. It allows enough room for the audience to move about while keeping an intimate distance to the ring. The ring itself sits in the front right corner of the room as you walk in. Hence it is pinned in by the audience and forces everything to flow to the back of the room. The venue is complete with a full bar, nice menu and wait staff.

ACW does an amazing job of capitalizing on the tight spaces. Doing so in a way that merges the two components of their show. So most of their matches spill out to the apron floor. They also have a VIP section, which consists of a long row of tables that allow you to set your food and drink while enjoying the show. These tables form a natural barrier but also allow the wrestlers the opportunity to work outside the ring and connect with the audience. This layout and sightlines force the audience’s attention on the action in front of them. When a wrestler is dropping the head of another on the table in front of you, you take note. ACW understands how to use the psychology between wrestler and fan to create an atmosphere that is enjoyable.

American Combat Wrestling does a fantastic job of giving all the divisions their proper time in the spotlight. Their promotion has everything from a women’s division, to a high-flying cruiserweight division with athletes who can quicken the pace at any point, to the heavyweight division with a 7’ tall wrestler, or a 6’3″ 300-pound wrestler who just wants to destroy other wrestlers. Thus there is a wrestler on this roster for any and every fan to identify with.

If you are in the greater Port Richey area and are looking for a fun, exciting evening I highly recommend WWN’s American Combat Wrestling.

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