Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 4 Will Still Give Us The Kimmy We Know And Love

How does Netflix continue to make good shows? Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is no exception to that. Audiences have fallen in love with Kimmy. If Season 3 was any indication, we’ll have a lot more of that same Kimmy feel in Season 4. It’s unfortunate that she couldn’t nail down her job as a crossing guard, but that led her to a better place. And with the guidance of her friends, she’ll be just fine.

Kimmy is a people person, that’s for sure. It really made no sense as to why she wanted to follow her career test and become a crossing guard. Yes, she’ll help and talk to people, but it’s not the same type of interaction. This is why her new job with Zach, a friend from college, is so good for her.

We’ve always known that Kimmy is a people person. She might be awkward and totally not cool, but she does well getting herself noticed by others. Her personality should open up the door for many other opportunities. And while the reverend did cause a minor hiccup with her dream job, she’s landed back on her feet.

What does her new job mean for Season 4? We know Kimmy will be in a much happier setting. While working for Jacqueline and going to school didn’t exactly anger Kimmy, you knew she wanted to do something meaningful and fulfilling. She wanted to help the world. While it’s unclear what kind of role Kimmy will take in this new job, we know Zach picked her because of her way with people.

What would happen if Kimmy finally makes herself a decent living from this job? Does she let go of her friends? If Kimmy were to find her happy place, does she leave Titus and venture out on her own?

As Kimmy becomes more aware of her surroundings, the less she’ll need to rely on Titus. Although, he relies heavily on Kimmy as well. Don’t expect this perfect pairing to leave each other anytime soon. That’s good because they really do need one another. Surprisingly, himself and Lillian have been the ones to keep her going, and staying on the right path.

You’ve got to love Kimmy and her upbeat positivity. She’s always happy and cheerful. No matter what the situation she handles it well. Maybe she didn’t get that crossing guard job, but she’s still doing well for herself. And with Titus and Lillian there for her, she’ll always be the same Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt we know and love.



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