Wrestle Kingdom 12: How much did NJPW make?

A few days ago, the wrestling world was fixated on New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). They had center stage because of Wrestle Kingdom 12, NJPW’s version of Wrestlemania. The card was headlined by Okada/Natio and Omega/Jericho. There were plenty of great matches that made this one of the best cards to be presented.

Now that it has come and gone, the numbers are starting to come out to how well they ended up doing. The announcement that Jericho would be having his first non-WWE match since 1999 greatly helped ticket sales. They originally released 30,000 tickets and needed to release more.

As Forbes reports, there were 34,995 people at the Tokyo Dome. In the last two Wrestle Kingdoms, we didn’t see them break 27,000. It is also worth noting that Okada was in all three main event matches.


In addition, Kevin Kelly would end up announcing that they got tens of thousands of more subscribers to the NJPW app. For the long haul, NJPW will be able to profit off of this event for a while. What made this card different from previous ones is that there was no dull match.

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All the matches brought excitement and great wrestling. While NJPW is still nowhere on the same playing field as the WWE, this event will help it catapult into the second promotion.

I am curious to see what the overall final numbers are. Also, does this impact what WWE does heading into Wrestlemania 34. If you recall, Vince McMahon wanted to try and one up the Okada/Omega match from the Wrestle Kingdom 11.

Unfortunately, he would end up giving us Reigns beating the Undertaker. But as far as NJPW goes, this event helps them tremendously. As we saw in the New Year’s Dash, the company has a lot of big plans for 2018.



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