Lucha Underground Season 4: What Do We Want To See?

What do we want to see in Lucha Underground Season 4? There’s a lot of things fans of the show want for the newest installment of the popular wrestling series. Will any of the following happen?

1. Pentagon Dark
After a turbulent affair with AAA, a wrestling promotion that has close ties with Lucha Underground, Pentagon might not be a part of Season 4. The Lucha Underground Champion, he’s integral to the show’s success and might be the most popular. We’re already without Prince Puma. And LU wouldn’t be the same without Cero Miedo.

2. Give Killshot the Lucha Underground Championship
One of the most over wrestlers on the indie scene as Shane Strickland, Killshot could be the most underrated wrestler on LU. His Ultima Lucha Tres match with Dante Fox has been regarded as one of the best of 2017. Killshot is the current Trios Champion, but it’s time he goes after the big prize.

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3. Let’s see more Son of Havoc
A prominent member of LU, Son of Havoc (Matt Cross) needs to be featured on the show a lot more. He’s one of the more over wrestlers at the Temple and is one of the more exciting. SOH has already tasted Lucha Underground gold, winning the trios titles. Let’s turn him loose in Season 4.

4. A women’s LU Champion
Lucha Underground isn’t afraid to give women the top honor in the company. We’ve seen a lot of intergender matches. Currently, only one woman (Sexy Star) has won the LU title, and that needs to change. Let’s get some variety with the title. How about giving Ivelisse a run with the belt?

5. More Intergrnder Trios Teams
The first trios champs consisted of two guys and one female. Let’s run with that concept and continue down that path. Why not have more intergender champs? Joey Ryan excels at these matches. LU should bring him back and let him work his magic with this style of wrestling.

6. Bring in TNA Impact talent
We know AAA and Impact have a working relationship. Why not bring some talent like EC3, Eli Drake, Desmond Xavier, or Trevor Lee over? It’s a way to get the show a broader appeal, as some of these wrestlers have a big following. They don’t have to play themselves, possibly a character like most of the LU talent. It would only add to the talent pool.

Will any of these six situations happen on Lucha Underground Season 4? There hasn’t been a list of the confirmed wrestlers as of yet, so it’s unclear as to what direction the show will take. Still, there are just a few wishes for LU. There are plenty more ideas to come up with. Let’s see if El Rey and the rest of the writing staff feels the same way.

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