Animal Kingdom: Please Don’t Replace Dinoland USA With Indiana Jones

Should Walt Disney World consider changing Dinoland USA at Animal Kingdom? There have been rumors floating around for some time that this is indeed the case. Many believe a new themed land will be set to Indiana Jones. That’s absolutely the wrong decision by Disney.

Dinoland USA has been at Animal Kingdom since the parks grand opening. Yes, it does need some touching up. The midway style games they’ve added aren’t the most popular. And Primeval Whirl, the wild mouse coaster, is one of the least popular attractions at the park. This still doesn’t mean Animal Kingdom should rid themselves of Dinoland.

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Placing an Indiana Jones theme at Dinoland USA might be cool to fans of the movies. The appeal of Dinoland USA is that many can relate to it. You don’t need to be a fan of a particular film to enjoy or understand the setting. That’s the mistake Disney might have made with Avatar.

Despite sequels being announced, it’s hard to measure how current a franchise is. Like Avatar, Indiana Jones hasn’t had a new film in nearly 10 years. That’s hard to sell to the general public. Considering planning needs to be done years in advance, Walt Disney World would be taking a huge risk in banking on a franchise such as Indiana Jones.

At least Dinoland USA is a generic theme that doesn’t need a movie to explain itself. Of course, Dinosaur is based on a film, but the plot of the ride doesn’t relate to the movie at all. Indiana Jones would require a lot of the backstory. The young children who will visit Animal Kingdom might not watch the original films. And seeing as how the most recent film fared, I’d doubt there’s much interest left.

In addition, having two IP’s as themed lands in your park is a risk when it’s not Star Wars or Toy Story. That’s going to make money for Hollywood Studios. Those franchises have managed to stay relevant over the years. It’s been forever since we’ve seen or heard anything about an Avatar or Indiana Jones film. Animal Kingdom would be foolish to feature both of these at its park.

An Indiana Jones themed section of Animal Kingdom would be really cool, just not smart. Even if there happened to be a new movie released around the time of the land debut, there’s just too much risk going into the project. It’s a great idea in theory, but shouldn’t be done by Walt Disney World.

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