Miami Dolphins: Are they the new Chicago Bears?

Watching the Miami Dolphins offense in 2017 was about as painful as it gets. Not only did the Dolphins’ fans have to endure the loss of their starting quarterback, uncertainty about signing Jay Cutler was met with equal disappointment in his play. Even when Cutler was out with an injury, back up Matt Moore didn’t fair better. The offense sputtered and was in the bottom third of the league to finish the season. While they mustered up a few bright spots throughout the season, fans probably couldn’t wait for the pain to end.

Looking back on the season, the Dolphins and head coach Adam Gase wasted little time trying to fix a problem that was  covered by a band-aid. While looking to improve their offensive woes the team has signed Dowell Loggains to be their new offensive coordinator. If you had to Google who the heck he was, know he was last year’s offensive coordinator in Chicago before being handed his walking papers.


But the Chicago connection didn’t stop there. The Dolphins also pulled a former Bear from the ranks to join Adam Gase in offensive line coach Jeremiah Washburn. The team has searched for a long-term offensive line coach since a leaked video of now former coach Chris Foerster. Miami took a step back this year early on with the play of their offensive line but stabilized once the team shifted to a few back ups. If they want to be successful next season they’ll need to keep Ryan Tannehill safe with his surgically repaired knee?

If you’re worried about the Miami Dolphins being the Chicago Bears 2.0 consider this. With as bad as Jay Cutler looked this year Gase and his guys made him look good in Chicago. Maybe the shake up could bring the necessary tools to whoever should start under center next year. Clearly Cutler’s shoulder wasn’t as strong as the team had hoped. The Dolphins have plenty of talent to work with and seem to be drafting better than previous regimes. Now if the can get healthy on both sides of the ball they might have something to work with. They draft 11th overall and if the hiring on the offensive side of the ball is any indication, Miami will be looking offense with that pick.[RickTwitter]


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