Lost: Is it time for ABC to bring it back?

When ABC premiered it’s soon to be hit show Lost viewers were instantly hooked on one of the most intriguing shows on television. Centered around the crash of Ocean Flight 815, it followed the survivors and their efforts to get off the island and back to their lives. Oh how quickly things got off track.

With all the reboots and spinoffs airing these days we can’t help but wonder if it’s time to travel back to the island. When series producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof finished up the series they made it clear that the stories they were willing to tell were done. All of the shows characters had either been killed off or shown meeting up in the after life leaving many viewers to believe they were dead the whole time. They weren’t but that’s a discussion for another time.


However with the current landscape on tv there’s plenty of need for intrigue these days. Other than your typical cop shows, or doctor shows, or family sitcom too few shows draw you in and make you think like Lost did. Theories were popping up every week, then were quickly shot down and new ones would pop up. It was almost as if the writers were toying with us.

But if they’re all dead, would people really tune in to an all new cast?

Best part about a show like Lost, time travel was brought into play. Much like the world of comic books, once you introduce time travel into the mix, it creates a whole new avenue for writers to explore. Maybe they bring back some of the series regulars for cameo appearances. Maybe they tease events that happened in the original show. Maybe it’s an entirely different spin-off that follows the Dharma Initiative all together. Any way you slice it, even with a whole new cast, if they can capture some of the intrigue that surrounded the first run the show could be an instant hit.

ABC has funneled through sitcom after sitcom and failing too often in their tv dramas. Maybe it’s time they bring back old faithful. From a series that wasn’t supposed to make it out of it’s first season to a cult following that hooked the masses. Lost will go down as one of the best shows to air on television. If we have to sit through Fox’s Prison Break and another season of 24 then ABC can dip in the pool and bring us back to the island and we can get Lost in television again.[RickTwitter]


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