Miami Dolphins: Is Jarvis Landry as good as gone?

Fans of the Miami Dolphins have been on edge for the last year, sitting and wondering what the team will do with star receiver Jarvis Landry. His representatives had worked with the team to try and get a long term deal done before the season. Ultimately that fell apart and Landry and his reps said they wouldn’t work on a deal during the season to focus on his play.


Now the season is over, the Dolphins ended a terrible run, and Landry still remains unsigned. Having one of his best seasons of his career, Landry finished just shy of 1,000 yards receiving, had a career high 9 touchdowns, and a league leading 112 catches. There will be no shortage of teams looking to sign the energetic player, but will the Miami Dolphins be one of them.


Jarvis Landry knows how to get open. Ask him to run any route and find any seem underneath and he’s there. So far with the Miami Dolphins he’s rocketed up the list of most catches in his first four seasons. His passion for winning has him fighting for every yard, every down, until the whistle blows. Still under his rookie contract, he’s young and can bring talent to a team for years to come.


His attitude proves he’s more about himself than helping the team win. He may fight for every yard but you have to wonder if he’s trying to help the team win or pad his stat line. Even in the season finale against the Buffalo Bills, a game they were still in, Landry let his temper get the best of him and cost the team late in the fourth quarter. You have to admire his passion but even in an interview after the game he claimed he “has a right to defend himself” and “had a career to protect.”

Take a look at the all-time greats like Jerry Rice who protected their career by earning a level of respect throughout the game letting their play speak for itself. Rarely if ever have you heard about in fight games and Rice went on to be one of the greatest, most respected, record-setting receivers of all time. It’s not the first time Jarvis Landry’s penalties cost the team late in games. If the trend continues he’ll often cost the team more games than he wins them. If it was a one time thing, it could be brushed off and ignored but it’s becoming a far too often occurrence. You want a player who’s passionate to win, but puts the team first.

Jarvis Landry could be the player the Miami Dolphins have waited years for. However, between his off the field issues and growing frustration late in games, he might be a ticking time bomb who’s a headache more than he’s worth. The Miami Dolphins have been searching for someone with his talent to be the leader of this team and Landry should be it. Unfortunately, they’re at a point where the need to show that sort of carelessness during games will not be tolerated. The Dolphins were second in the NFL in penalties, showing an undisciplined and unfocused team. If the trend continues, the team might sacrifice star power for wins and Jarvis Landry will be another amazing talent to walk out of the Miami Dolphins locker room. Hopefully the young star can right the ship.[RickTwitter]


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