WWE Rumors: Who is John Cena’s Wrestlemania 34 opponent?

We are still quite a few months away from WWE invading the Superdome for Wrestlemania.

While the card hasn’t been announced, there have been rumblings to some of the marquee matches. It is known that one of them will probably be Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal title. However, it is not known yet who would be in line to face John Cena. There have been several reports that he isn’t being penciled in to face AJ Styles.


According to Dave Meltzer, the opponent for Cena will be much bigger. Since he already fought Reigns at No Mercy last year and already feuded with Lesnar, it probably won’t be one of them. The feeling is that the WWE is looking to have him face someone who doesn’t have a full-time schedule. If that’s the case, then there are three possible names.

We could see John Cena go up against Goldberg, Batista, or Undertaker. A match against Undertaker would be intriguing for several reasons. For starters, it would be a dream match that people have been clamoring for a long time. This would be a battle between two icons of the WWE. The only problem with that idea is that John Cena would need to carry most of the match.

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A match against Goldberg or Batista would probably be more interesting. I just hope that it isn’t one of these guys and it’s someone on the roster. I am getting very tired of seeing a part-timer have a marque Wrestlemania match. Since WrestleMania 27, there has been a part-timer in the main event or at least having a marquee match. It doesn’t boast well of the roster of guys who put in the work that they are still getting overlooked for the older guys.

Wrestlemania 34 is still a few months away, so the rumor mills will be turning it up soon.



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