WWE Rumors: Rockstar Spud should be debuting soon 

We might be on the verge of seeing another TNA superstar make his WWE debut soon.

It seems that former TNA star Rockstar Spud is set to make his WWE debut. For the last several weeks, there have been reports that he has been backstage at both RAW and Smackdown. However, the rumor mills have indicated that he is going to be making his WWE debut anytime. The reason for the holdup is the WWE creative has no plans for him now.


If I were booking the WWE, there would be two possible spots I would pull the trigger for a debut. I wouldn’t mind seeing him debut at either the Royal Rumble or the RAW after Rumble. I say the Rumble because, since its inception, the WWE will use that platform to debut new stars. We saw it at the 2016 Rumble when AJ Styles made his debut at the Number three position. However, once they finally debut him I would have him in the 205 division.

The reincarnation of the cruiserweight division has been bad. They have not been able to have the success that WCW had in the late 1990s. One problem for why it hasn’t done well is there is no big star attraction. Back in the WCW days, you had guys like Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, and Eddie Guerrero. The reincarnation has seen the likes of Aries and Neville, neither of which are still with the company. Over the last few weeks, we have seen guys like Enzo Amore and Hideo Itami be added to the roster. While Rockstar Spud isn’t a Chris Jericho, it will make things a bit interesting.

Rockstar Spud was in TNA from 2011 until he got his release in 2017. He became one of the focal points of the TNA’s X Division (The Cruiserweights of TNA). The addition of Spud will help the 205 lineup greatly.



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