What’s in store for Jessica Jones Season 2?

If you’re on the Marvel bandwagon for their streaming shows then you loved Jessica Jones season 1. Each of the four stand alone series intertwined and eventually lead to the team up Defenders spinoff. Not your average superhero beat ’em up style show, Jessica Jones was more of a psychological thriller than action and adventure. Coming off the great season 1 finale where can the show take us in season 2? Will there be any new faces brought on board? Will we see new heroes to go along with the new villains?

With the shape of the MCU changing on the big screen, how will it affect the shared universe of the television shows. Marvel has gone out of their way to distance themselves from each property, only hinting at other characters and events with code names and implications. However, they’re still trying to give the impression that the universe is still shared and anyone could be anywhere at any moment. Will the upcoming Infinity War ripple out to the small screen counterparts of the small screen.


We hope not.

One of the more entertaining part of Jessica Jones is how real the character seems. No, not from a hey there could be someone out there with superpowers but a hero who struggles with the same decisions and life choices on a much deeper and darker personal level. Marvel has created Jessica Jones to be the psychological counter part to a Daredevil style hero.

We ought to see more of that in season 2. Everyone’s favorite season 1 villain, Killgrave, will be returning this season so the tone of the show will keep the same pace. Just because Killgrave is dead doesn’t mean he hasn’t worked his way into Jessica’s psyche and continues her struggle with control. If that is the case, who will be the actual villain throughout season 2? If Killgrave is in her mind who will be the battle in the real world? Jessica Jones was the surprise hit of the Netflix streaming world when it aired. Hopefully, that success will continue in season 2. Catch all of the new season on March 8th on Netflix.[RickTwitter]


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