Kennywood: An RMC Raptor Coaster Makes A Lot Of Sense

Kennywood made the news last year when they decided to close down Log Jammer, a classic water ride at the park. Since then, rumors have circulated over a possible new attraction at the park. Speculation has pegged a new RMC hybrid. But what if it’s not a wooden coaster at all? Is it possible we see a new RMC Raptor at Kennywood?

The single-rail Raptor coaster from RMC is going into two parks in 2018. The first, Railblazer, will be headed to California Great America, and the second, Wonder Woman Golden Lasso, will be headed to Six Flags Fiesta Texas

It’s a surprising move to add these to big parks such as this. The Raptor coaster doesn’t have the greatest capacity. With only 8 riders per car, lines for the ride will be astronomical. This is why small parks, such as the Pittsburgh based park, would thrive on this.

Kennywood does get its fair share of business, but compared to that of Cedar Fair or Six Flags it’s not even close. Kennywood is the type of park RMC designed this coaster for, small and intimate. A Raptor shouldn’t take up too much room, let alone its smaller capacity.

Kennywood is all about the history. There are some really old coasters and rides at the park. Still, there needs to be some variety with its coasters. Sure they’ve got Phantoms Revenge and Sky Rocket, but, to bring in even more visitors, they need this RMC. And a Raptor coaster is the perfect option due to its new school feel.

Of course, fans of Kennywood just want something new. Nothing can be confirmed at this point, but all signs point to an RMC of some sort. We’ll see how the first two Raptor coasters fair this year. Chances are good Kennywood could be getting an amazing ride.

There’s a lot riding on this upcoming 2019 announcement from the park. Phantoms Revenge is one of the best hyper-coasters in America, but that alone can’t attract guests. RMC has a reputation for good rides and has a loyal fan base across the world.

With the manufacturer firing on all cylinders, Kennywood is indeed making the right decision if it’s indeed a new RMC Raptor. Since it’s still such a new concept, many will flock to the park to give it a ride. And all that business and press can only be a good thing for Kennywood. Let’s hope that this is a win-win-win for RMC, Kennywood, and its loyal guests.



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