WWE: Riott Squad Is The Future Of Smackdown Live

Riott Squad should be the main focus of the women’s division on Smackdown Live. Some of the best wrestlers on the show, the group consisting of Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan, have taken SD Live by storm. Why are they one of the best factions in all of WWE?

With Absolution on RAW, Riott Squad has dominated the women’s division on SD. Quite frankly, it’s been one the best booked debuts WWE has had in some time. The dominance of Riott Squad has been well documented this these past few months. What’s the next step for this trio?

Of all the women in Riott Squad, Ruby Rioty is probably the best wrestler. In addition, she’s probably the most charismatic. That’s not to say Sarah Logan or Liv Morgan aren’t, as they are quite the handful as well. Logan is the muscle behind the group, while Morgan is more of the third in command.

It would make sense for WWE to put a title around the waist of Riott. A very accomplished wrestlers before WWE, Rioty is a real gem. Her look is something we’ve yet to see in the ring. There’s no question she’d make a great champion. Although, Morgan and Logan also have championship potential too, more so Logan.

It’s pretty clear WWE sees the Riott Squad as a long-lasting heel faction. There hasn’t been a good women’s faction in quite some time, and now we have two on both shows. Still, Riott Squad should be looked at as the more dominant group over Absolution. If only for the wrestling ability of Riott and Logan, who are much better than anyone in Absolution.

I’d love to see a potential Absolution/Riott Squad match at WrestleMania. That would be the best thing you could do with both groups. As both fight for the right to be called the most devastating trio of women in wrestling, a match would really help decide who the best really is.

If WWE were smart they’d give Riott Squad a bigger push on Smackdown Live. You’ve got enough women on the roster to do tag belts,
Morgan and Logan would be perfect to hold them. In addition to the previously mentioned idea of giving the Women’s title to Riot.

The booking of the three needs to be handled correctly. If all goes right, you could be looking at an all-time great group of women wrestlers. While I might be overselling the potential of this faction, it’s not out of the question we see them serve as the main focus of the SD Live women’s division.

With Riott and Logan both having immense success on the indie scene before WWE, and Morgan really improving her craft at NXT, Riott Squad isn’t a slouch when it comes to in-ring work. Let’s hope WWE gives them the push they deserve.[DanielTwitter]


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