UCF Deserved Better Than They Were Given

With their Peach Bowl win, UCF has shown the rest of the country what us here in Orlando already knew. This team was really good and this was a special group of guys on this roster. Now, all you SEC apologists and Power 5 Conference Apologists will continue to defend UCF not being in the top 5. And your main point of argument will be but they haven’t played anyone and their schedule is too easy.  Well, stay tuned because I will debunk all of those in this article along with any other reasoning you may have.

Wins Against 10 Win Teams

So since UCF played no one lets also look at the other teams who were included in this list.

  • Oklahoma (3)- Ohio State and TCU x2
  • Georgia (3)- Notre Dame Auburn Oklahoma
  • Alabama (2)- Fresno State, Clemson
  • Clemson (2)- Auburn, Miami
  • Auburn (2)- Georgia and Alabama
  • USC (2)- Stanford x2
  • Penn State (2)- Northwestern and Washington
  • UCF (4)- Memphis x2, USF, and Auburn

This was just an example of winning against teams who have 10 or more wins.  Would you look at who is leading with the most wins against those kinds?

But UCF Should Just Join a Real Conference

Well, I am glad this is another excuse people like to use. As if it were UCF telling the SEC, BIG 10, BIG 12, PAC-12 and ACC, no we are not interested in joining your conference. In order to join a “real conference” you have to be invited and let’s face it UCF will never be invited. Miami and Florida State will block them from joining the ACC.  SEC doesn’t need more than 14.  PAC-12 does not make geographical sense. BIG 10 would have to add 2 teams and means more splitting of the TV money which will not fly over well with the other 12 teams in that conference. Which leaves us with the BIG 12, which is the least respected of the “power 5” conferences already. So it’s not as easy as oh UCF just shut up and join a “real conference” you have to be invited in.  From the looks of it, it may not be anytime soon.

Schedule Harder Teams

Ah, the good old schedule harder teams line. UCF had Georgia Tech on the Schedule and Maryland for this season. Georgia Tech got canceled because of the National Guard being stationed at UCF.  Not their fault nothing could be done to avoid it.  Maryland was on their 4th QB by the end of their season and had they had their original QB they would not have finished 4-8.  Again hard to tell which teams will be good and which will be bad.  As I said in many posts before it’s not like Danny White (UCF’s Atheltic Director) is sitting on his behind not trying to schedule good opponents.  The other teams will simply not risk playing UCF if it can beat up on the likes of Mercer or Georgia Southern and still get into the Playoffs. One last thing as a comment to a fellow writer Mark Wilson.  He said “You have earned the right to be considered to play but not the right to actually play in the title game yet. That has to be earned.” Well to that I will say this if the Cleveland Browns go 16-0 next season will they have to wait a year to play in the playoffs? Or will they be allowed to play based on their play on the field during that season?[EspoTwitter]



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