Marvel’s Runaways: Love Triangles, Murder, Powers, and Lies Have Come Full Circle

As Marvel’s Runaways hit their ninth episode titled “Doomsday”, we learned that what was once in the dark, will now come to light. To express more, pick a character, any character and their darkest secrets are coming to the forefront now. What started out as a teen show, has quickly turned into a murder, mystery, sci-fi, love triangle, and weekly cliffhanger.

Each week we’re given clues about who Pride is, what they are about and how dangerous they could be if their plan is in jeopardy. However, not only the parents and Jonah are dangerous. The Runaway’s themselves (even though they don’t like the nickname) have secrets and powers of their own.

The battle between Marvel’s Runaways, Pride, and Jonah have built up all season and finally on “Doomsday” our wish was granted (sort of).


As Alex, Karolina, Gert, Chase, Nico, and Molly put their plan in motion to stop their parents, they never expected to be betrayed by the one person who was never in sight. Karolina informed her father of the truth about her friends and Pride, and with Frank looking for acceptance from Jonah, he turned on his own daughter. What’s more, is that sides are also being taken by the Runaways.

What were once solid bonds between certain friends have turned to distrust and new alliances. Gert finally expressed her feelings for Chase and Karolina made the expected move on Nico. Poor Alex still has no idea and sooner or later, he will feel like the black sheep of the crew. As the only one who brings nothing to the table but his mind, Nico put him on the spot in a not-so-subtle way, “What you bring to the table Alex”? All Alex had was a keycard that was as non-important as his stance during the showdown.

Can The Runaways Beat Their Parents and Jonah?

As bad as the parents are, the true villain is still Jonah. We never got a full explanation as to who killed Amy but thanks to a flashback, we get the notion that is was indeed Jonah who killed Amy. The power that he has over the other Pride members is still mind-boggling but you can start to see each parent began to lose some of that fear they have for him. However, the plan still remains the same. Do whatever they have to do in order for Pride to succeed. Now, it seems “whatever” might be killing their own kids.

Little did they know, their once innocent kids are equipped to handle themselves.



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