Is Jimmy Graham the Perfect Fit for the Miami Dolphins

Early reports are indicating Jimmy Graham’s time in Seattle is coming to an end. The eight year veteran has only played for two teams and can be a game changer. Graham will end his 4 year/$40 million contract he signed with the New Orleans Saints before being traded to the Seattle Seahawks. Now fans have to be asking “Should the Miami Dolphins sign Jimmy Graham?”.


The Dolphins will be struggling to get to a reasonable cap number this offseason and still have plenty of work to do. Finishing 6-10 on the season, they’ll have to work quickly. With one of the worst offenses seen in years there will be plenty of holes to fill. Does Miami have enough cap space to work in a veteran player like Graham or have they painted themselves in a corner while trying to work out a deal for star receiver Jarvis Landry?


Coming off a 10 touchdown year, Graham can be the type of player the Dolphins need. He averages 8 touchdowns a season. Miami has searched for a big bodied TE to give their offense a red zone threat and Graham fits the mold. Miami has mixed and matched tight ends since the days of Charles Clay but thought they had a diamond in the rough when they traded with the Jacksonville Jaguars for Thomas. With Anthony Fasano talking potential retirement the Dolphins might enter this offseason with yet another need at tight end. With speedy receivers around him, Graham becomes a perfect fit for the Miami Dolphins offense.


His career started off injury prone but has seemed to bounce back. He’s been relatively healthy the past few seasons and would more than likely benefit from the Florida air. The downside to Graham is his developing blocking techniques. In New Orleans he had one job and one job only, catch passes. When he was traded to Seattle he had to develop a bit more with a mobile quarterback like Russel Wilson. To put it nicely, his blocking ability is a work in progress. He didn’t totally fail, but times it wasn’t pretty either. Miami has been in need to fix their offensive line os is the risk worth the reward?

If the Miami Dolphins can manage to lock up Jarvis Landry the possibilities for their offense will be endless if they sign Jimmy Graham. He’d be playing along side deep threat Kenny Stills and a shifty Landry would create space underneath. With an offense that struggled more often than succeed Graham could be a perfect target should quarterback Ryan Tannehill come back healthy and ready to go. Do the Miami Dolphins have enough to get it done?[RickTwitter]


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