Are Esports ruining video games for casual gamers?

If you’re not a die hard, casual gamer you might wonder “what the heck is esports?”. Simply put its the world of competitive video gaming. Yes, that is a real thing. With internet taking control of video games, multiplayer online gaming has been thrust to the forefront, but is that necessarily a good thing?

While video games have always been about challenge and skill, esports is evolving the way video games are being played but also how they’re being developed. The days of the casual gamer are slowly fading and game studios seem to be pushing their more competitive online play. Their biggest culprit is the new ‘pay to play’ or ‘pay to win’ model where gamers are forced to buy loot boxes with micro transactions to unlock the game’s best gear and equipment. While this might be great for competitive gaming it leaves the majority of players frustrated. Gone are the days of a sense of accomplishment when you were rewarded for all your hard work. Now, anyone can spend a few extra bucks and level the playing field. You no longer get the sense of one-upping your opponent through hard work.


Candy Crush and Clash of Clans is where it all began. While Candy Crush was never a game about competition it began the downward spiral into micro transactions. Stuck on a level and out of lives? Sure, you can wait for 5 of your friends to send you a life on Facebook or you can instantly continue with the low $0.99 payment, and players were hooked. Then there’s Clash of Clans, one of the first huge waves of competitive mobile gaming. Nothing says speeding up your progress than the gems purchased in the marketplace and speed up you dragons. We’ve all see Game of Thrones, who doesn’t want a dragon. Micro transactions have shifted the gaming community.

However it doesn’t always work out as EA learned with Star Wars: Battlefront II. EA chose to bring the ‘pay to win’ model to BFII and it failed miserably. You could either grind away ungodly amount of real time gaming to unlock the games best characters, or spend a ridiculous amount of money to unlock them all. As you probably could have guessed, sales of the newest game have not been kind. With the newest Star Wars film hitting theaters, the game’s sales should have soared.

With technology evolving at a fast pace, there’s always something new and exciting on the horizon. With 4k televisions, wireless technology, and infinitely expanding universes video games have never been so popular and companies wanna cash in. Hardcore gamers have proven they’ll do whatever it takes to win. Unfortunately for the rest of us it’s ruined the casual gaming world. Esports show that ‘Pay to win’ is here to stay. Welcome to the new expensive way to play video games.[RickTwitter]


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