Arizona Cardinals: Future coach may be closer than fans would like to realize

GLENDALE, Ariz. (Jan. 2, 2018)- The best Arizona Cardinals coaching candidate may be closer than fans would like to realize.

It is a sad week for Cardinals fans as both Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians have retired within the same week to start 2018. It also ushers in a new chapter in this historic organization.

Some people judge coaches purely based on win/loss records and statistics alone. Which is good, however, there is another layer that we must include when looking at a coach’s career. That is the culture that they create and the respect that is gained from their players. Bruce Arians had all the above. He not only had the most wins of any Cardinals coach in the franchise’s 120-year history, he also had the respect of all the players on the squad as well as his assistant coaches.

Bruce Arians will be a difficult person to replace in the organization, but business is business. It is attractive to look around the league at candidates such as the New England Patriot’s defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. But in reality, that would most likely cause a culture shift. There would be a little bit of an adjustment period to a new face in the clubhouse at the top of the coaching “food chain”.

Clearly, the culture within the Arizona Cardinals has been good this season, after going through three starting quarterbacks and all the other injuries that have plagued this team this season, they still found a way to go 8-8 and finish third in their division.

The best thing for this organization is to promote from within. Especially since they have established the culture that has been created. Due to that culture, the Cardinals have only been under .500 one time. That was because of a tie with Seattle in 2016.

So who would they get from within? The answer to that is James Bettcher, the team’s current defensive coordinator.  Below is testimony from pro bowl linebacker Robert Mathis about playing for Bettcher in Indianapolis.

“James was a chameleon. He could adapt.” Mathis said. “He did such a tremendous job, my learning curve was taken care of really, really fast. I owe him a lot.”

One thing that makes him the best candidate is also what separates him from most other coaches available in the league. He approaches the game intellectually through schemes and on top of that he has tremendous attention to detail.

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