Is Apple trying to expand their media capabilities?

There have been rumors floating around for the past year or so suggesting Apple is trying to build other media platforms than just music. The music/smartphone giant has been pushing the limits of their capabilities and has money burning a hole in their collective pockets. With rumors of them being linked to acquiring everything from Disney, to Netflix, to EA and more just what does Apple have up their sleeves?


It all starts with Apple TV. Apple has made a push to change the television landscape the way they revolutionized music. This notion of better tv has been kicking around since Steve Jobs was still in charge and just won’t seem to go away. With their app friendly micro-console users can pick their favorite subscription services and stream all their favorite movies and shows. Now they streaming world seems to be at an all time high. Not only are there major players like Netflix and Amazon in the streaming world, companies like Disney and Warner Bros. will be debuting their streaming services later this year or early next year. Could this be the push Apple needs to acquire a major streaming service like Netflix or Hulu in the not so distant future. Disney owns a partial stake in Hulu. By pushing their own streaming service will the tech giant swoop in and buy out their part?

Then of course, there’s the gaming community. Again the past year or so Apple has been linked to EA Sports and Activision Blizzard. Apple has only recently made the leap into casual gaming. Gaming apps have always been huge since the launch of their app store. However, once they integrated controller based games into their Apple TV they’ve been looking to stake their claim. Gone are the two-dimensional worlds of app gaming for a more console-like experience. Macs have always trailed PC in terms of gaming and Apple might be looking to close the gap. Not only has handheld gaming took a step forward but esports have blown up lately too. There’s plenty of money to be made in the gaming community. Could the purchase of one of these gaming studios make them a consistent player in the gaming community?

Apple has never been a company to shy away from acquisitions. When they wanted to improve on their music streaming service they opened their wallets to the tune of $3 billion dollars to capitalize on the Beats popularity surge. With the newest of tax laws being passed, it will be easier for the United States richest company to throw their money around in search of growth. Could we be seeing the new wave of media approaching in the near future? Does Apple have enough to evolve other forms of media? There have been plenty of rumors, we’ll see which ones are true.[RickTwitter]


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