Superheroes: Why We Will Never Grow Up.

As nerd culture grows more and more every day, people on the outside looking in can’t seem to understand it. Superheroes have taken over television, movies and life. People are reading more comics, kids are flocking back to the store for toys, and everyone seems to have at least one Pop Vinyl from Funko. So what is it about caped heroes that has caught the world by storm? Why are grown men so attached to lightsabers and Jedi? Will we ever grow up and act like adults?

Simply put, no.

There’s a reason that these fantasy worlds are so appealing to the masses. Something so fake and trivial draws the audiences in and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Every other month there seems to be a new hero on the movie screen. People in the movie industry are speaking up saying the superhero craze is ruining the movie industry.

And that couldn’t be farther from the truth.


The fascination with superheroes never really went away, we’ve just reached a point in where technology has caught up with what is possible in our imaginations. Visual representations of the characters being brought to life has finally reached a peak where films look more and more realistic. Visual effects teams are taking what we’ve seen drawn out on pages for years and bringing them to life.

So why is there such a fascination with the fantasy world of heroes?

If you’re an outsider looking in you’ll never quite understand it. While superheroes can be a bit childish and juvenile, there is so much more in these characters than just “BAM” and “Pow” you’ve associated with these comics. What most people over look in comics is from day one there has always been themes that reflect every day life. Captain America was a symbol of patriotism against Nazi’s during the height of WWII. All too often these characters are real life representations of the world around us. Social issues, political issues, even the day-to-day struggle are translated on the pages of most comic books.

Even the villains have been personifications of our struggles. Writers often take life and put it on paper, represented by the characters and their intentions. If you’re one of the people who doesn’t get lost in the world of heroes Spider-man vs Venom maybe look like good against evil and bore you thinking they’re all the same. You’d miss out on the details of Peter Parker being a troubled youth and Venom’s representation of people’s deepest fears and inner most thoughts. How it’s a battle to not only do good in the world but stay true to yourself as well.

That’s why comic books and superheroes do so well. Adult themed reading pushes the same agendas as superheroes often do. The draw isn’t to the imaginary but rather to the hopeful. Superheroes not only take us back to a time we were naïve to the ways of the world , but they also remind us that our struggles can be overcome. Getting lost in a world where Superman represents hope isn’t always so bad. With life’s day to day struggles, would you rather read a book that ends in tragedy and pain or be distracted by something that shows that same tragedy and pain with the sense it can be overcome?

Loving superheroes may mean we’ll never grow up, but maybe we shouldn’t have to.[RickTwitter]


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