The Ranch: Jen Has Brought Out A New Side Of Rooster, But Will It Last?

Can Rooster become a proper gentleman? We saw on Part 4 of The Ranch that he’s definitely willing to try with Jen, and maybe there’s a hope for him in the future. Still, with the upcoming Part 5 departure of his character, what will his new attitude toward relationships bring him?

As long as we’ve known Rooster, he’s been the immature type. There’s never a real sense of responsibility with him, especially when it comes to dating. There were many times where Mary had to bite her tongue on some issues with him, and to be honest, he never really got it.

It now appears that Engineer Jen has gotten Rooster to change his ways. It was near impossible for him to get the attention he wanted from her. It took an entirely different approach for Jen to agree on a date with Rooster. This was the first time in the series we’ve seen a genuine interest from Rooster to become a more responsible adult with relationships.

This can only be a good thing for Rooster, as it’s possible he can develop a long and lasting relationship with Jen. Things might become a bit dicey with the pipeline deal falling through, but still that shouldn’t deter either from exploring their feelings with each other. Jen is good for Rooster. She’s made him grow up, and possibly end his childish thinking that all women want to be with him.

There’s still the issue of how Rooster will be written off the show. With Part 5 being the last set of episodes for Danny Matserson, there will be a lot of question marks surrounding Rooster’s departure. Does he end up having a future with Jen? Can she turn him into a committed man? I’d probably have to say she can.

We know Rooster isn’t the one to settle down, but the chase of getting Jen really changed his tune. If she has to move away from Garrison, given all the effort Rooster has put into them, will he leave with her? That could be one way to write him off the show.

We’ve seen the best of Rooster over the last 3 or 4 Part 4 episodes, and having go back to what he was during his time with Mary, someone he didn’t connect with aside from love-making and the Bachelor, won’t be acceptable. This is especially true considering we need Rooster to leave The Ranch on a positive note. If he doesn’t stay with Jen, or falls back to the old Rooster, it will be a big disappointment.

With all the uncertainty surrounding the last 10 episodes of Rooster on The Ranch, it appears we’ve finally seen that mature and responsible version of him. There’s a lot to like about Engineer Jen, and her getting Rooster to settle down might be her best quality.[DanielTwitter]


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