Cedar Point: It’s Time To Consider A Peanuts Dark Ride At The Park

It’s time Cedar Point add a dark ride. Yes, the roller coaster capital of the world needs something different. And what better way to do this than by adding Peanuts to a potential new attraction? It’s something that would cost money, but would be a worthwhile investment for the park.

Cedar Fair does have a collection of dark rides at many parks. You’ve got Boo Blasters at Kings Island and Carowinds, Guardians of Wonder Mountain at Canada’s Wonderland, and Calico Mine Ride and Voyage at Knotts, but nothing at its signature park. This needs to be different, as Cedar Point (which is arguably the busiest park of the entire chain outside of Knotts) needs to add to its impressive collection of coasters.


It would make sense to add a Peanuts dark ride to Cedar Point. Not only does it add variety to a park which is mostly known for its coasters, there is the opportunity to add to its award-winning kids zones. Most guests that come to CP are there for coasters. But for the families that come, this is a prime chance to add to the value of going to the park.

So, what would a Peanuts dark ride look like? Well it doesn’t have to be an interactive ride like Boo Blasters or Guardians of Wonder Mountain, but there’s an opportunity to make it that.

It could be a family adventure like that of Toy Story Mania at Disney or Mouse a Chocolate at Phantsialand in Germany. I’m sure Cedar Point could find a way to make an interactive dark ride family friendly with the Peanuts characters.

What if Cedar Fair goes all out and creates something bigger? Possibly a trackless dark ride?

That’s a best case scenario, as it would definitely be something most parks in America don’t have. It could incorporate the Peanuts world by using high quality animatronics, sets, and design. We know CP is the main attraction for Cedar Fair, so adding such a high-quality attraction would be a home run for the park.

There is a lot of room for Cedar Point to incorporate a dark ride of this caliber. With the existing arcade at down the runway taking up so much room, it’s a good idea to remove that and build inside of that.

There’s also to opportunity to strip down Dinosaurs Alive and build in that area too. Both would prove to be tricky, and might not offer too much to work with, but a little imagination can go a long way.

The Peanuts crew doesn’t have a signature ride at any Cedar Fair park. Sure there are kids rides, but nothing in the dark ride category. This is the chance for CF to build a one of a kind experience. Cedar Point is the perfect place to build this unique experience. The park only gets more visitors every year, and the family market is a big percentage of its customer base.

With all the attention being placed on coasters, it’s time to put a little attention on the kids attractions. This might be the best thing the park can do for 2019. Not only does it offer more for the little ones, it’s a nice break from the thrill rides most are accustomed to. Get on board, Cedar Point, as this is a guaranteed hit for both you and the guests.[DanielTwitter]

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