UCF shows the World and the CFP Committee they made a mistake

All the talk prior to UCF taking on Auburn was “wait until they play a real team”. UCF can’t hang with the Power 5 and especially not the big bad SEC.  Well not only did UCF show up and hang with them they did the improbable. As an 11.5 point underdog, they shocked the world and beat Auburn.  Whom Auburn beat both #1 teams and 2 of the 4 teams in the College Football Playoff. They first beat Georgia 40-17 and then Alabama 26-14 and then here comes little old UCF and beats Auburn 34-27 in the Peach Bowl.  Against all odds, against all wishes, against all SEC fans wishes.  Today they crowned themselves National Champs. [ESPOAds]

It appeared that the game started out a little too fast for McKenzie Milton as he was having a hard time getting settled in early. In the first half, he struggled to get a passing game going. He was able to move the offense on the ground leading the Knights to a 13-6 first-half lead. The second half definitely did not start out the way UCF would have drawn it up. Opening kick-off was almost taken for a touchdown and Auburn would quick strike for 2 touchdowns to take the Lead 20-13. Milton would eventually settle down in the second half as he was 13-18 for 212 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Auburn played well but the UCF defense was there on almost every play.  SEC Conference Player of the year was limited to 71 yards on 21 Carries.  The Knight defense sacked Stidham a bunch of times and hurried him even more. The Knights determination was to show the world they can compete.  Many UCF supporters feel they should have been in the playoffs and with this win, no one can argue against that.

It is sad that this group of young kids who went 13-0 this season had no chance at playing for a National Title.

Every game counts is what they say. However, what they really meant is only if you are in the Power 5. Well for the reasons stated here me and fellow UCF fans will be crowning these kids National Champs. They deserved it, they earned it and they did this with no support from any of the media. Another thing that is sad is that this Head Coach and his entire staff have to leave a 13-0 program for “better opportunities”. If there wasn’t that Power 5 bias Scott Frost may have never left this school. His last quote after the game shows that “I am going to get heat for this, but if I’m a recruit out there, I want to come to UCF.” Ladies and Gentleman your 2018 Undefeated National Champion UCF Knights.[EspoTwitter]


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