2018 College Football Playoff: Rose Bowl – Georgia Bulldogs vs Oklahoma Sooners

In the first of 2 semi-final games, the Rose Bowl will see #3 Georgia Bulldogs (12-1) take on #2 Oklahoma Sooners (12-1). Vegas has the line set at -2.5 for Georgia the favorites. But what will each team need to do to get the victory and advance to the National Title Game?  Also, what are things to watch out for in this game?

First I will talk about Oklahoma and the current Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield. What can you say about Baker Mayfield that hasn’t already been said?  The kid finished this season 262-369 for 4340 yards 41 TDs and 5 Interceptions. Yes, this is the same guy who grabbed his crotch during the Oklahoma/Kansas game, and the same guy who was arrested for Drunken Disorderly and resisting arrest. But all the off the field stuff can go to the wayside because when this kid is on the field he is a field general and leads his team with precision. So what can we expect from him on Monday? Well we know he is dealing with an unknown illness right now. However, we know he is a gamer and will be ready to play come Monday.


Let’s talk about the Georgia Bulldogs and second-year coach Kirby Smart.  Remember this team lost their starting QB week 1 against Appalachian State.  To be able to have a kid step in as a Freshmen and lead this team to a playoff game is beyond unbelievable. And now the former MLB converted QB will take his shot at advancing his team to the National Title game.  Georgia has only done that 2 other times, 1942, and 1980.  They will without a doubt lean on the running game of Nick Chubb. This will help them control the clock and the game.

So my prediction for the Rose Bowl is the Georgia Bulldogs have the better defense and usually defense wins championships. Nonetheless, I have to say that Baker Mayfield will find a way to win this game for the Oklahoma Sooners. Thus, moving them on to the National Title Game. I will say 35-31 Oklahoma.



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