Denver Broncos: While not Popular, Keeping Vance Joseph is Right

When the 2017 NFL Season ended on Sunday, fans of the Denver Broncos were asking for one thing. They wanted General Manager, John Elway to fire the current head coach, Vance Joseph. However, on Monday, Elway did just the opposite. He gave Joseph a vote of confidence and told him he would be around for the 2018 season. Was this the right move? Yes, and here is why.

Continuity is a key to any franchise. Especially a sports franchise. From management all the down to the players, there to be continuity. This is something that the Denver Broncos have not had as of late either. This is a team that has had four head coaches in the past five years.

So, it may not be what fans of the Denver Broncos wanted. Nonetheless, it was right. I attest that Joseph struggled in his first season and often looked clueless. However, a change at this position would look bad upon this organization. They would begin to be included in talks with the Cleveland Browns. That is an organization that has recently changed coaches like most of us change underwear. You do not want to be lumped with that franchise.

While John Elway has kept Joseph on board, it does not come with some changes. Thus there will be prominent changes along the offensive side of the ball. These changes will range from coaches to players alike. I would bet that 90% of the offensive coaching staff will be different in 2018.


The Broncos will need to make some changes with player personnel on the offensive side too. Look for them to be major players in the free agent QB market. If they are able to land a big name free agent QB, look for the Broncos to address the offensive line again with their first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

The Denver Broncos defense finished with a number 3 ranking in the league this season. They were not the issue for this team. Everyone knows that all the issues stemmed from inadequate QB play and a poor offensive line. Also, some special teams blunders.

So, while many fans will ridicule and degrade this move, John Elway and Denver Broncos management made the right call. Additionally, one and done is never good for any organization. In fact, you are not the Browns and never will be. However, the popular fan move might have put you in that direction.

How do you feel about Vance Joseph being retained by the Denver Broncos? Please leave a comment below.

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