2018 College Football Playoff: All-State Sugar Bowl – Clemson Tigers vs Alabama Crimson Tide

In the second Semi-Final, the Sugar Bowl will feature the Clemson Tigers taking on the Alabama Crimson Tide for the 3rd time in the last 3 years. The first time went to Alabama on the way to their title 45-40. The second one went to Clemson on route to their title 35-31 last season. This will be the rematch we are all waiting for. Can Bama show the committee they were right for putting them in the College Football Playoffs? Or will they just prove the rest of the country right that the CFP Committee has a bias to the SEC?

First up is the #1 team in the nation, the Clemson Tigers. They went through the season pretty much unscathed except for a lone loss against Syracuse on the road early in October. Since then Clemson has rolled and continued to win therefore they deserve the #1 ranking. Clemson was ranked 25th in the nation on offense this season, Alabama was #1 on defense in the nation. Clemson was ranked #8 on defense and Alabama #35 on offense. So unlike the first game in this one, the defense will need to make the plays to win this game.


Now for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Most people did not believe Alabama should be in the College Football Playoffs. I was one of those who believed that they should not be in and that Ohio State should have been in. But nonetheless, here we are another year of CFP and another appearance by Alabama. This year Jalen Hurts gets a shot at redemption as he struggled in last years game.  He was 13-31 for 131 yards last year. He will need to be better in order for them to return back to the National Title Game.

My predictions for the Sugar Bowl is that the Clemson Tigers, with the slight edge on offense, will do just enough to pick up the win. Thus advancing to their third straight title game appearance. Either way, the winner of this game will be in the title game for the third straight season. I believe it will be Clemson 28-24 on another last-second drive.



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