NFL Rumors: A look ahead to Black Monday

With the 2017 NFL Regular Season only hours old, we have already seen a couple of head coaches relieved of the duties. Indianapolis Colts Head Coach, Chuck Pagano and Oakland Raiders Head Coach, Jack Del Rio have both been released from the duties. These two openings along with the earlier release of McAdoo from the New York Giants give us three openings to start the coaching search season. How many other jobs will be open? Here is a look.

  1. Vance Joseph – Denver Broncos

Talk has been building of late that Joseph would not survive his first NFL Season as a head coach. That talk may have come to head on Sunday. A report from Adam Schefter came out stating that league sources said Joseph faces a long road to return to the coach the Broncos for a second season. Although the team played well on Sunday, it may be too little, too late for VJ to save his job.

  1. Marvin Lewis – Cincinnati Bengals

Lewis got an upset victory and played spoiler in his final game as Bengals head coach. Reports came out a couple of weeks ago that Lewis would more than likely not re-sign with the Bengals. He wants to pursue other endeavors. Lewis will more than likely head to a front office position.

  1. Mike Mularkey – Tennessee Titans

Although the Titans have made the NFL Postseason, I could still see this happening after they lose in the playoffs. Especially if they go one and done. In addition, having to travel to Kansas City makes this more likely. Titans ownership had met all this week on the topic of Mularkey’s future. This one may just be a week late than others.

  1. Jim Caldwell – Detroit Lions

Caldwell has been under the gun all season. The Lions are a team that has not played excessively well all season. Caldwell got a reprieve last season when Lions ownership cleaned house. However, with the way the team underperformed in 2017, Caldwell has seen his final TD in Detroit.

  1. John Fox – Chicago Bears

The Bears are a young team that will be better off going in a new direction. Not only does a release help the Bears in this push, it also helps Fox. Fox is looking to spend more time with his family. This is something that many have speculated since his health problems began arising while he was in Denver.

  1. Bruce Ariens – Arizona Cardinals

While I am not solid on this one, it could happen. Ariens, like Fox, has had some health concerns over the past couple of seasons. This opening, however, would be more of a retirement and not a firing. Much like that of Marvin Lewis. Nonetheless, do not keep this one on the front burner. This will be one of those back burner openings if it does happen.

  1. Pete Caroll – Seattle Seahawks

Some talk began today before the final games that Seahawks Head Coach Pete Caroll was contemplating retirement. Not sure I believe this one either. In fact, Caroll came out on his own Twitter account rebutting these reports. This also needs to be on the back burner of changes.

With these possibilities along with the three that are already open, gives us 10 possible coaches openings. This does not count the countless assistant openings that will happen with promotions. The next few weeks should be really interesting.

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