New York Knicks vs New Orleans Pelicans live stream: How to watch NBA online

Welcome back my New York Knicks and New Orleans Pelicans fans. Today we have the Knicks with Kristaps Porzingis taking on the Pelicans and their star Anthony Davis. Below is a link to where you can watch the game online. Here is a quick preview from

When the 18-17 Pelicans host the 17-18 New York Knicks on Saturday night in the final game of a three-game homestand, they will be looking to reassert themselves on defense — the thing that carried them to three consecutive victories until the floodgates opened Friday night in a 128-120 loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

Every day from now until the end of the season I will do my best to provide links to either watch or listen live to all NBA games. If you’re like me then you’re always on the go. I work in a restaurant, mostly nights during game times and usually have to search all over the web to see who’s streaming games just so I am able to watch while at work.

The Knicks also are working through a shooting slump by 7-foot-3 center Kristaps Porzingis, who believes he is not getting the benefit of the doubt from the referees for what he says are defenders touching him on the arm or elbow during his jump-shooting motion.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please remember that some stations may offer a stream or regular telecast. It all depends on your regional coverage.  I know, I hate it too. It’s all about money but I will still do my best to offer you the best LEGAL way to watch your favorite team. Please keep in mind that TV streams are also available on some phones, tablets, and computers so please check both links. Most online streams are paid, but the TV streams are free depending on your cable provider. Please keep in mind that the majority of the games if not on a national channel are only available in the team’s viewing network. If not national, then you must subscribe to NBA League Pass.

We have the New York Knicks vs New Orleans Pelicans live stream: How to watch NBA online. The game is televised on NBA League Pass.

Here is where you can watch or listen to the New York Knicks vs New Orleans Pelicans live stream: How to watch NBA online stream.

Date: Saturday, December 30

Start Time: 7:00 p.m. (EST)

Online Stream:  Stream 1 | Stream 2

Do not forget that you can also check Facebook for the game as some groups are streaming as well.

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