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New England Patriots: Is James Harrison going to elevate the defense?

Throughout his career, the playoffs have involved 39-year old James Harrison. 2017 will be no different this season after signing with the New England Patriots.

Deebo brings an edge rush the Pats desperately need if they want to go deep into the postseason.

With only one sack and three tackles, it’s hard to imagine him creating enough plays for New England to be successful.

Since there are a number of Pro Bowl offensive tackles in this year’s playoffs Harrison will need to bring a little something extra.

Plus, James Harrison won’t get many snaps due to his age and the fact that he’s slowing down.

He can’t drop back and pass defend which takes him out of the game if he can’t rush the passer.

I’m sure he will be excited to get out there and prove that he is still a top-notch linebacker. However, with little time to get to know the Pats’ playbook, it might make his tenure a bit rough.

He can be a great role model for players in the weight room and on the field. Nonetheless, it’s going to take a lot for the Pats to make the necessary plays on defense.

The New England Patriots have received strong contributions from Trey Flowers (6.5 sacks) and Kyle Van Noy (5.5 sacks). Deatrich Wise has five sacks with only 25 tackles this season.

Even with these defensive stand outs making an impact, Harrison will offer timeliness to a defense that can get picked apart by Pittsburgh or Kansas City’s offense.

If the Pats can get Harrison to provide an attitude to go along with his physical style of play, then the New England Patriots may have a D that teams will try to avoid facing which will benefit Tom Brady and his weapons.

James Harrison has one last ride left in him. He’ll be sure to make it count, right to the very last snap.


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