Denver Broncos: Three things to watch in Week 17 against the Kansas City Chiefs

Week 17 in the NFL. For many, it is a bittersweet end to a dreadful season. Others are staring at going to the playoffs next week. However, for the Denver Broncos, it is about evaluating next season. No matter the outcome of their game on Sunday, there will be questions that will need to be answered. So how can the Broncos finish the season on a positive note? Here are the three keys for week 17.

  1. Play with fire

There are some small rumblings that Vance Joseph could be a one and done coach? If the team does not want that to happen they will need to play with some fire. They will need to show Denver Broncos management that he still has control of his players and the locker room. While their opponent may not have anything to play for, this Broncos team has everything to show.

  1. Defense

The Denver Broncos defense will be facing a rookie QB. While I believe that Patrick Mahomes is the future of the Kansas City Chiefs, the future should not be seen on Sunday. I understand why they are not playing Alex Smith. However, he should at least see a half of this game. Nonetheless, the Broncos need to make the rookie’s life a living hell. Show the Chiefs that even though it is a meaningless game it still means something to this defense.

  1. Paxton Lynch

If Lynch wants to a member of the Denver Broncos in 2018 this is his time. He will get all the snaps in the game on Sunday. Thus, he will need to take full advantage of this opportunity. The Broncos are rumored to be looking to add a QB in the offseason. If Lynch can play well enough there may be a slight chance that John Elway and company are not so ambitious. Then again, the QB market will be very deep. Be that in the draft or free agency.

The Kansas City Chiefs are playing for nothing. They have secured the fourth seed and cannot proceed any higher. The Denver Broncos still have to play a professional football game. It may not mean anything to the Chiefs, however, it means everything to the Broncos.

What are you watching for in the game on Sunday? Leave a comment below.

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